Beauty | Superdrug Salt Infusion Surf Spray

Getting the perfect salt infused look has been made very easy with Superdrug's Salt Infusion Surf Spray, this spray at just £2.99 it's a great product to go for. From there own range it makes it cruelty free and you know you can trust the product as it's coming directly from the company!

The first thing I love about this product is the fresh and perfume scent, it doesn't have a harsh salty smell but instead a fresh beach ready one that I love. It goes on well and doesn't add to much of a rough texture to the hair just an easy to manage and comb out one, it doesn't make the hair feel sticky which can happen with some salt sprays instead it just adds a textured and full look.

I find it easy to create the perfect style with this spray, I've used it in an updo and with my hair down and had no problems at all. I have also used the spray to create a curled look and can say it held it well and added such a great bounce to the curls which looked great.

I can't fault this product and will be using it loads over the next few summer months, that's of we get a summer!

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