Beauty | PS Pro Facial Cleansing and Massage Brush

A great little beauty bargain from Primark for you today, in the form of the PS Pro Facial Cleansing Brush that cleanses the face to remove dirt and dead skin to leave it looking fresh and clear. I've been using the brush for a month now and feel it was about time I gave it a fair review.

The design is simple and chic with an easy to grab handle and pink and white theme it looks pretty on the shelve yet it's practical to hold. It has a clear lid to protect the brush this is easy to remove and also doesn't loose its grip making the design of the brush really quite impressive.

Using the brush is very easy to do just take your favorite facial wash and place it onto the brush or straight onto the skin and brush away, I use a small circular method and find it works well to get the whole face and also has a nice relaxing feel to it. If I do fancy a softer and more relaxing method I switch the brush around and use the pink side which is rubbery and brush that across the skin to massage my face, this is very relaxing and works wonder if i'm stressed.

I've found the brush has really worked well for my face it looks more youthful and has a nice plump glow to it which I really love. I've used the brush for a month every day and has found my skin hasn't broken out and looks a little more clearer on the spot scarring front, this brush works wonders and I've loved using it at just £1.50!

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  1. I do love a good Primark bargain, must pop in and purchase this!