Beauty | Primark Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick

So far Primark Beauty has really impressed me and I'm yet to come across a product I don't love from the range, this time I've got a new lipstick to show you from the P.S Pro range and this is one I'm going to be loving over the next few month for summer. The kiss proof liquid matte lipstick is only £3 which is worth paying for such an awesome product.

The rose gold metallic shine you get is one that glows and shimmers all day whilst not looking to tacky or wrong, it brightens the face and really draws the attention in to create that pop of shimmer that will get heads turning.

The small tube is perfect for slipping into a handbag and the cool looking glass applicator will look impressive when needing to reapply every four hours or so. I found it doesn't fade to much but if you want that pop back it's best to reapply, it also stands well against food and drink which impressed me a lot.

There is of course that worry of a matte lipstick drying out the lips and causing them to crack but fear not as the Primark liquid matte lipstick has a really nice smoothing effect that doesn't dry or crack the lip whilst still being easy to remove with a cleansing water.

I can't fault the lipstick and will be wearing it all summer, whats your go to matte lipstick?

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  1. I've got this lipstick too and I love it ! I've been searching for all the shades of the Kiss Proof lippies by Primark and so far I've managed to find 4 - they're actually the same packaging as the Golden Rose lipsticks which I'm very fond of since I own the 26 shades. The formula of the Primark ones is great, especially for such a low price ! :D

    Tissam x | Tissam Est La