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Whilst I was browsing my local Superdrug I came across a sample sized product of the Pantene Foam Conditioner, I've head good things from the brand but never tried out there products before so I decided to give it a go and pay just 49p for a can of the new foam conditioner.

It is a handy sized can that is slim fitting and ideal for using in the shower, also a great sized product for travelling however it is a compressed can so you would need to consider that before flying with it. As it is a compressed can when pumping the product out it can pump out pretty quickly but as I have long hair I normally use more than the recommended golf ball amount.

It has a lovely scent to it and it's not to sticky or heavy in the hair, it was very easy to work into my hair and even though I don't normally do my roots it stated I can so I did and was surprised to see I didn't have greasy or to heavy roots. Once washed my hair felt lightweight and wasn't weighed down so I was able to style as normal and worked on my hair with no trouble.

I would purchase this product again as it works really well and the full sized price of £3.99 isn't to damaging on the purse, have you tried it out yet what are your thoughts?

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