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Browsing my local Boots reduced section I came across the Nair hair removal cream that I couldn't resist as just £1.50, this is the Shower Power cream that is infused with argan oil, jojoba oil as well as Cocoa Butter to create the perfect soft and nourishing hair removal cream.

I was happy to wait and leave my hair to grow out so I could try out the product, placing it on my skin was easy to do with the spatula and was very easy to create a smooth cream effect on the skin. It didn't have a hair removal scent to it just a fresh smell, this was a great factor as some creams can be very overpowering.

I left it on for the stated time however when I removed the cream it didn't take any of the hairs off so I left it on for a further ten minutes and tried again. This meant the cream had lots of time to really work at removing the hair but it just didn't happen, I got a lot of small baby hairs up however not the thick hair I had left to grow out.

I wasn't blown away with the product and can see why it was reduced, however I will give it a second chance and try again but wouldn't recommend it.

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