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Finding the right fake tanner can be a very difficult job, as you don't want to make to many mistakes and be known as the girl with the dodgy tan. So I was happy to discover and find a great gradual fake tanner that works well and leaves me with the perfect sunkissed summer look that I desire, I found the Garnier Sunkissed lotion for £2.74 in my local Boots on offer from £5.49.

It has the most lovely peach scent to it and you can't smell any of the tanning ingredients in it at all, so much so that I was a little worried it wouldn't have any in at all and I had been sold a dodgy product. However it did start to work after the third application as I noticed a nice little tan had started to develop.

I used to tan for two weeks and it gave me the perfect all over body tan with a lovely sunkissed look, it wasn't to dark but you could see a massive improvement in my skin. I used a mitt to apply the tan and this meant I got a streak free finish that was buffed in to perfection. It didn't have an orange glow to it and it didn't look to much like a fake tan which I adored.

I really can not fault this item and will continue to use it over this summer, what's your go to summer tanner?

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