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I have three of my favorite and go to highlighters that keep my make up looking fresh and good throughout the day and today I wanted to do a post and share with you my top three.

For the basic highlighter to use of the top of my cheeks to really add that pop of shimmer to my look I go with my trusted and well used Makeup Revolution Golden Lights highlighter, this is one that sits on the skin nicely and really draws in all the attention it looks great on and lasts all day as well.

Next up is my highlighter that I use for my going out looks or special occasion looks to add to contour my face and this is my Kiko Glowing Pearl Cushion Highlighter Wand that is a cream based highlighter that is super easy to blend and create that glowing healthy look. This works well on top of cream based products and really creates a nice healthy glow that photographs well and lasts all day.

Lastly is my two in one product and that's my MAC Petal Power Mineralize Blush which is a blusher with a lot of shimmer and added highlight, this is such a pretty and lovely looking pink toned gold blusher that looks impressive on and has the best added highlighter. I create some stunning and really pretty make up looks with this blusher and love using it.

What is your go to highlighter?

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