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I've been suffering now with recurring ear infections for 5 months and have a few tips and tricks on how to deal and cope with an ear infection. I have Otitis Media which is a middle ear infections due to water getting in the middle of my ear and not being able to clear the fluid in my Eustachian Tube.

The pain is probably one of the worse symptoms of an ear infection and my suggestion would be the obvious take paracetamol, this helps deal with any fever you may have but also the pain in the ear. I would also suggest placing a hot cloth on the ear as this really helps with the pain and eases it a lot.

Next up clearing the tubes that connect the ears and throat is a must or the infection won't clear, my suggestion is to use a nasal spray for a week to clear everything. You can also use vapour drops to try and clear the tubes by breathing them in from a cloth or adding a few drops to hot water and steaming your face. Don't over do it and use the spray or drops for more than a weak as this can cause other infections like a Sinus infection.

You need to get plenty of rest but to not apply to much pressure on the ear so attempt to sleep on the other side as this will help clear as liquid in the ear as well. When sleeping in order to clear the tubes I would suggest sleeping raised so add one pillow to your normal amount, this will make sure the fluid clears more easily.

Lastly if you have had an ear infections for longer then a week I would suggest making an appointment to see a Doctor to see why things are not clearing. I am not a medical profession and this are just my views and points of suffering for the last 5 months.

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