Beauty | Primark Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray

I'm all for a gimmick product and love testing out ones that are cheap and cheerful so I was super happy to see Primark had a fast dry spray for nail polish at just 90p. Of course I picked up a can and wanted to test it out to see if it really did provide a quick dry time.

It comes in a handy 50ml can which is perfect for anyone on the go or someone that travels a lot, this is just a plain black can with basic writing on. I found spraying it on my nails it did have an odd oily residue which you do have to get used to, but this stops the nails from drying out so there is a good purpose behind it.

Once sprayed on my nails look shiny and protected as well as seeming to dry a lot quicker, I tend to paint my nails in the evening watching tv so I didn't use my nails straight away but they did seem to dry quicker. I also love how the spray doesn't have a scent to it so it's not to overpowering if you do want to spray it in your room and relax.

So far I can't seem to fault this product, do you have a go to quick dry can?

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