Beauty | How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Washing brushes can be a tedious and annoying job but it's one that is a must to keep brushes clean and to prevent breakouts. I do a really simple and quick method that is super quick and super easy to do whilst leaving the brushes looking good and clean.

I start my gathering all my brushes and a clean cloth that I use to dab dry and keep the brushes off the work surfaces, then I get my favorite soap which can be a shampoo, body wash or hand soap (anything that lathers) and lastly some water!

The way I start it to get a brush dip it into the water and add some soap before getting the brush and rubbing it into my hand, this can be messy but worth it. I twist the brush into my hand getting all the dirt and grime out before rinsing in the water, I run the brush under a tap to make sure the water is clear before placing it on the clean cloth the dry.

Once all my brushes are washed I place them on a window ledge and open the window to dry the brushes, I also dab them into the cloth and attempt to dry them using the cloth before leaving overnight. When you wake up your brushes should look good as new and smell of your favorite product as well!

How often do you wash your brushes?

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