Lush Mothers Day Haul

Of course I picked up some goodies from the new Lush range! I went along into store and bought four of the products that really stood out for me. It's not to late to pop into store and picked some up for Mothering Sunday!

Baa Bar
This rather cute looking odd shaped sheep is rather adorable but a little odd to, at first I wasn't sure what it was suppose to be but the name Baa gave it away. It smells amazing of Lavender and Rose which goes so nicely together that this bubble bar may become my favorite. At just £3.95 it's easy to fall in love with the little Baa Bubble Bar.

Your Mother Should Know
This zesty colourful bubble bar really drew me in again due to me not knowing what it was suppose to be! However I soon got it was meant to be a flower even if it does look a little funky, with bright colours and hints of rosewood and grapefruit this is one that really stands out, for just £5.95 a little pricey however you can get more than one bath out of this one.

This lovely flower bath bomb is pretty much perfect, with bright playful colours and zesty orange and rose scent it's one that I love the look of and scent of. I picked this one up without even looking at the £3.50 price tag as it's pretty much my favorite bath bomb that I've seen or smelt.

This bath bomb comes in two choices both of which smell of lemon and orange which hints of rose, I was unsure of which one to go with as they both have the same design just different colours. I'm pleased with this one as it's simple and cute yet smells amazing, as well as having a lovely little £2.95 price tag.

Which bath product really stands out for you in the Lush Mothers Day range?

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