Fashion | Telephone Hair Ponies

I am a massive lover of products that look really odd but work wonders so I was happy to see Accessorize have come out with there own version of the invisible bobble, this gimmick product came out a while ago now but I've never found one at a good price so I was happy to see a 6 pack for just £2.50.

This hair bobbles are designed to stop hair kinks and also marks from happening on the hair, when worn correctly there shouldn't be a mark or the hair shouldn't look to messy when taken out. I also have found that I don't get to many kinks or pull on the hair when removing the bobble.

The tie does take some getting use to as it may feel odd when tying the hair back and you may need to get use to how it feels when in the hair, however they work really well at keeping the hair in once place as well as looking really nice with such pretty colours.

I love using the telephone hair ponies and how they look in the hair, have you tried them out yet?

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