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I've suffered with oily skin for most of my adult life now and have all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to coping and dealing with oil on the skin. I'm going to be going through my top products with you and also giving a few tips, enjoy!

My first tip is to not layer your face with make up as this will cause the skin to produce more oil and make your face have that cakey appearance which is not a good luck. By letting the skin breath and feel free from make up it will just produce the right amount of oil and not to much. This will also help with any spots you get.

I wash my face every morning and night with a tea tree oil to help balance my oil and keep spots at bay, this really helps to keep my skin looking fresh and oil free. I also prefer to not use a moisturiser as this tends to flair up my oil making my skin look worse, if I do need to use a moisturiser I go for an oil balancing one which can help.

Using a clay mask works wonders on my skin and I find that it clears the oil up while leaving my skin feeling hydrated. I use clay ones and also use a scrub once a week to remove the dead skin cells which can cause a build up of oil as it works to remove the dead skin.

My last and final tip is to drink plenty of water this will naturally make the skin feel and look more youthful while tackling any skin problems you may have. I tend to have at least 6 large glasses of water a day and always notice a great improvement in my skin.

What's your go to tip on dealing with oily skin?

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