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I'm not one to normally wear lashes due to the fact I have to wear glasses and people don't see my eye makeup so I've never really seen the point, however I picked up a pack of the Fleur De Force lashes from the Eyelure range and love how they look so I wanted to do a review for them.

The lashes are easy to remove from the packaging which is cute and girly with a purple and grey theme, once I had measured them and cut a small amount off to not have a overhang they were really easy to glue as the small applicator went onto the lash line of the lashes easy and then the glue went tacky enough to place on my lashes nicely without any dramas.

I wore them for a whole day doing my make up around 9am and taking them off at around 7pm and didn't need to re glue or reapply throughout the day which impressed me a lot. They stayed on and look really full even in windy weather which really impressed me, I found even after accidentally rubbing my eye it was still stuck nicely.

I was worried about the removal of the lashes as I didn't want them to stick and pulled out my own lashes however I didn't need to be worried at all as the lashes with a small amount of cleanser came off nicely and cleaned up nicely as well. They were easy to re store and I've even worn them a further three times and there still in great condition.

I love using the Fleur De Force lashes and have been really impressed by them, what's your go to lash set?

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