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I have struggled with anxiety and stress since I can remember so I'm always happy to try new products to help me out and was happy to see a product from This Works in TKMaxx for £5.99, normal price £12. I've heard of the brand before and was excited to try out the roller ball product to see if it would help me to stress less.

The product is a simple roller ball design that you roll onto your pulse points and let it work it magic, I applied it to my wrists at first then a small amount on my neck but you can also place it on a tissue if you don't want to apply it to the skin. It's simple and easy to use design means it's perfect to use everyday on the go.

I love the packaging of this product as it's so simple and refreshing to see, there's not to much going on and it's a great one to have out on display. It's also in a handy 10ml tube so it's the perfect handbag friendly product to go for.

The product has Eucalyptus and Frankincense so smells very fresh and clears the head right away, I normally use this when I'm home from work and relaxing in front off the telly and it works wonders. It makes me feel at ease and stress free while clearing my sinuses and making me breath easy, it's a brilliant product for anyone with any stresses.

Have you use This Works before, what are your thoughts on the product?

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