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Having a period is a natural thing and happens on a regular basic, it something some people find embarrassing or stressful which it really shouldn't be. So for today's post I wanted to share my hacks on how to deal with a period or maybe your doing something wrong and need a little guidance!

Dealing with the pain of a period can be hard to do as it is such a draining pain, so over the last few years I've gone through many tips and tricks on how to cope with period pain. My favorite and most effective is to apply light pressure to the area using a heat pad, this works wonders for me and is my most used method. Another great tip is to drink plenty of water and take paracetamol but also to do light exercise such as yoga and stretches to ease the muscles.

Another massive annoyance is my skin as I always get such bad spot breakouts either after my period or just before, so I tend to stick to witch hazel and tea tree oil products to help ease the appearance of spots but to also calm my mood. You may find that you will get a little bloated on your period so I tend to wear loose fitting clothes such as leggings and a baggy dress or top, I still look quite fashionable but it's not to tight on my sensitive stomach and also won't make me look self conscious.

When it comes to using products for the period there are plenty to pick from, from towels to tampons and now cups.This can be a stressful time picking out products but go with a trusted brand and pick the right product for you, don't feel pressure to go with tampons as all your friends might wear them!

I hope some of my period hacks have helped you out! Do you have any tips and tricks?

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