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Most of my jewellery I've bought form small little vintage stores or independent retailers so I tend to have no idea where there from or I've forgotten but here are my top 5 pieces that I love.

Little Bumble Bee
This lovely dainty bee is perfect to add a small bit of detail to an outfit I love how it looks and tend to wear this when I have a simple outfit on.

This piece I picked up at a vintage clothes store and fall in love with the design, it's quite small so I have to wear it with simple outfits.

This watch is one I just had to buy I love the design of small thin faux leather straps and then the detailing of the hummingbird really makes me love this watch.

Stag heads
I love how these earrings draw in the attention and really stand out on my ears, it's a simple yet lovely design.

Simple leaf
This classic and simple looking earring design is really small and dainty yet looks lovely on the ears, I would say there my most worn

What is your go to favorite jewellery that you own?

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