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Kiss Me Quick £2
This product really drew in all my attention due to me trying to work out what it was, after asking a member of staff I was told it was to use in the shower as a body wash, just tear a chunk of lather it up and wash your body. I love the idea of this product as it would make travelling super easy and fun to do as it's lightweight and wouldn't take up any room in my was bag but also as a fun thing to use as well. With hints of floral and lemon and lime it's hard to not really like this product.

Two Hearts Beating As One £3.95
This bath melt looks and smells lovely with hints of ylang ylang oils and rose it's the perfect little bath time treat. It's two hearts formed as one which you can separate if needed however I have been told it's rather impressive to place it in hole into the bath. Bath melts are perfect for anyone wanting to relax and use something a little bit more luxurious then a bath oil or bubble bar.

Lovestruck £4.25
A little bit pricey for a bubble bar but this impressive one really got me smiling in the store, it's a bright yellow emoji style bubble bar with heart love eyes. It's rather cute and funny and I'm looking forward to seeing what colour the bath goes once it's all crumbled in. With a strong citrus scent this bubble bar will slowly become my favorite for sure!

Cupid £2.95
I adore the design of this bath bomb as the lovely cupids bow is perfect for anyone lovestruck at the moment, with uplifting rose and violet scent its a great bath bomb to go for. It smells almost the same as the Razzle Dazzle bath oil which is one of my go to bath oils so I'm really looking forward to trying this product out.

Over And Over £4.25
Again a little pricey this copy cat product of Never Mind The Ballistics has a lot to live up to! If it's a good as the original product then I will be very happy, it does tick all the boxes with the lime scent as it's super sweet and smells lovely, I also really love the design of this product as it's shiny dipped effect over the bath bomb looks very simple yet impressive.

What Valentines product is your favorite from Lush?

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