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My eyebrows have always stressed me out and I'm always on the look out for a new product, as much as I would love to go natural and not use products in my brows it's just not an option as my brows are very light and my hair is dark they just look silly. So I opted to try out the Eylure Brow Magician and was not let down!

The easy to use sleek design makes it perfect to use when applying my make up and it's just like using a pencil. I find it easy to guide and easy to create a natural brow look whilst getting a fuller and thicker brow. This pencil also comes with a mini brow mascara which are perfect for anyone wanting to create a thicker brow.

I found it not only easy to use but it also lasts all day on my brows and doesn't rub off like most brow products. When I do need to remove it however it does come off with a little bit of miceller water and scrubbing which is perfect.

I love how natural my brows look after using this product and how easy it is to use, whats your go to brow product?

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