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I haven't done a video or an update blog post on What's In My Bag for a while now so thought it was time for a new one! I love reading this style of post and watching video's on whats in peoples bags as I'm a super nosey person and love having a good mooch! The bag I'm currently using in my Zoella grey backpack which is a lovely soft faux leather backpack which fits loads in!

First up is my purse which I bought from New Look, this purse is the perfect size to fit all my money and cards in, it's quite spacious for how small it is but also doesn't take up to much room in my bag. I bought it in a brown shade as I was forever buying black purses and wanted a change.

My house keys are next which have my Zoella Inspire keyring on which love, the design is so cute which the soft pink and gold I really love how it looks on my keys!

My phone case which is normally occupied by my phone ( I had to take the pic some how!) this is one I got from Ebay and love using it, it's a soft faux leather design which is slim and fits my phone in nicely while protecting it from all the other items in my bag.

I have two lip products floating about the bottom of my bag one of them is my Nuxe lip balm which is a must in the cold weather, it works amazingly at keeping my lips protected. I also have my Rimmel 610 perfect your lips but better lipstick called 'High Flyer' this has been my most worn lipstick over the last few months and I'm still loving it!

My ipod with the brightest headphones ever, this is mainly because I'm so anti social which may seem odd but I was forever getting people speak to me with my black headphones in that I wanted people to see I was listening to music and to not disturb me!

My hair brush and a dry shampoo as I'm a girl and have long hair these are pretty much must have items! The dry shampoo is for my fringe as it gets greasy rather quickly, I use the Colab ones and my favorites are the pink Tokyo one and the orange New York one!

Lastly I have some essentials such as my hand cream from the Zoella range and my breath freshener from the brand Hello which are my everyday items I always use!

Let me know what product you can't live without!

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