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Getting new perfume is always one of my favorite things to do but being gifted a new perfume is even better so I was overjoyed to see a new fragrance I've not tried in the shape of Vera Wang's Princess, this has been out for a while now but a perfume this good never goes out of style!

The shape of the bottle is a large heart which makes this bottle of perfume very much a display one which stands out and draws in everyones attention. It has a simple logo and name on in black then the crown on top is gold with purple to match the fragrance. After all the glam of the bottle you also get a gift in the shape off a little gold ring with the same little purple gem stones in, this is a massive plus for me as I've never had a little added gift before like a ring!

The fragrance is girly with soft floral notes and a fresh scent this is very much an everyday scent as it's light enough but still a very pretty one to go for. I found it lasts all day as well which I love in a scent, it doesn't seem to fade but also gets a little sweeter which I really love.

What's your most worn fragrance?

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