Beauty | Sheep Character Mask

I've been a massive fan of Korean beauty for a while now and love when I discover new products, so whilst I was browsing my local TKMaxx store I came across some face masks including this character mask for only £1.99.

The packaging is simple and cute with a lovely grey design and little sheep on the front its simple and effective in letting you know what you're purchasing. On the back it is of course in Korean however it includes English and the manufacturer has place a sticker with the English ingredients on the back which is very helpful.

It contains acid and collagen so it does plump the skin, if you have sensitive skin I would not advise purchasing this product. It works right away and my face felt tighter and toned while looking plumper, I also found my skin felt more hydrated and looked healthier as well. I wasn't excepting much from the mask but I was blown away with how well it worked.

There is one downside with the mask and that is just how scary it is! What is your go to sheet mask?

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  1. It great to hear the these low priced mask also work very well. Thank you for sharing!