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We have all been in a situation where we need to freshen up our hair but going into a shop and purchasing a dry shampoo can be a tricky situation. I hate buying new products and like to stick to what I know and love, so I pushed myself to find and try some new dry shampoos over the last few months and have slowly got my favorites sorted!

Umberto Giannini
This dry shampoo not only freshens up the hair but also adds volume which is perfect for a night out or giving my hair the little lift it needs. It has a lovely scent the same as the rest of the range but also leaves the hair smelling like I've just been into a salon which I love! The packaging is very chic and I love using this in front of friends as it always gets people talking.

I've been using Colab the longest and love how this dry shampoo works, it's my everyday spray and I also carry a mini in my purse for on the go. I love how it works on freshening my hair up but it also doesn't have a white residue effect which is a massive bonus. There is a lot of scents to go for in this range and my go to favorite is New York which is a fruity tone that is very uplifting.

This is my cheat product as it's not quite a dry shampoo but it does freshen up my hair! It's the Raspberry and Hibiscus spray that leaves the hair smelling amazing and fruity, I love how it smells and it also lasts all day which is a massive bonus. It comes in a small bottle so it's purse friendly and the packaging is simple and cute.

What is your must have dry shampoo?

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