Beauty | The Body Shop White Musk Scent

One of my favorite beauty stores is of course The Body Shop they do amazing products which smell amazing and also a great range of fragrances, I'm yet to own one but I was luckily gifted White Musk on Christmas which excited me to now say I own a fragrance from The Body Shop.

White Musk is an earthy fresh scent that can suit a man or a women but it's a great light scent that is uplifting and quite calming. It goes on nicely and really uplifts my moon while being calming throughout the day when I need some peace, its a nice scent for anyone who worries but also anyone who doesn't enjoy over scented tacky perfumes.

The bottle design is simple and cute and also a great display one, it's ideal for travelling as it's a 60ml bottle so fits nicely in a case but also makes a lovely gift as it's simple yet sweet.

What is your calming scent?

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