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It's no secret I love baths and I'm always trying to find new products to use in my baths to make them even more relaxing and fun, so finding some new bubble baths that I like it always a massive bonus. I was placing an Avon order last month and decided to order two new bubble baths to try out and was not let down!

Soft Pink is a light floral scented bubble bath that fills the room with subtle but sweet floral notes that are really relaxing. While Pomegranate and Peony is a strong fruity scented bubble bath that is uplifting while still being relaxing.

When placed in the bath I used around 4 caps full you get a nice amount of bubbles to keep the mood light in the bath but you can add more to suit you. The lasted around 30 minutes before dissolving into the bath but the scent stayed rest throughout the bath until I got out.

I love using these bubble baths and have been really impressed by them so far, to pick some up there only £4 but you can always get them on offer normally the 5 items for £10!

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