Beauty | Zoella Deck The Baubles

When I got this gift for Christmas I was overjoyed just by the look of it as the little golden bubbles where screaming for me to use them. I was not disappointing in the product and how well it worked, I've used it only a handful of times but it's already my favorite bubble bath.

Beauty | Zoella Double Creme

I'm always going through body creams as I seem to have the driest skin ever so finding a new one that works well is one of the greatest feelings. I was gifted this cream at Christmas and have been using it none stop over the last month, I've been loving it so much it 100% deserves a review!

Beauty | Sheep Character Mask

I've been a massive fan of Korean beauty for a while now and love when I discover new products, so whilst I was browsing my local TKMaxx store I came across some face masks including this character mask for only £1.99.

Fashion | County Boots Hotter

It's hard to find the perfect boots when there are so many out there but I was very pleased to pop into my local Hotter and come across some great boots called County. These Chelsea boots look amazing on and feel pretty amazing to, with a fashionable look that is more comfy then you think there one of my best purchases this year.

Beauty | My Go To Dry Shampoos

We have all been in a situation where we need to freshen up our hair but going into a shop and purchasing a dry shampoo can be a tricky situation. I hate buying new products and like to stick to what I know and love, so I pushed myself to find and try some new dry shampoos over the last few months and have slowly got my favorites sorted!

Umberto Giannini
This dry shampoo not only freshens up the hair but also adds volume which is perfect for a night out or giving my hair the little lift it needs. It has a lovely scent the same as the rest of the range but also leaves the hair smelling like I've just been into a salon which I love! The packaging is very chic and I love using this in front of friends as it always gets people talking.

Lifestyle | What's In My Bag

I haven't done a video or an update blog post on What's In My Bag for a while now so thought it was time for a new one! I love reading this style of post and watching video's on whats in peoples bags as I'm a super nosey person and love having a good mooch! The bag I'm currently using in my Zoella grey backpack which is a lovely soft faux leather backpack which fits loads in!

Beauty | The Body Shop White Musk Scent

One of my favorite beauty stores is of course The Body Shop they do amazing products which smell amazing and also a great range of fragrances, I'm yet to own one but I was luckily gifted White Musk on Christmas which excited me to now say I own a fragrance from The Body Shop.

Beauty | Dove Purely Pampering Range

One of my most used Christmas gifts has been the Dove Purely Pampering sets which I was gifted, this range has some amazing products that I've used non stop over the last few weeks and I wanted to share why I love them so much.

The hand cream is my most used product as I have awful dry skin in the winter months so I'm always using a hand cream. The small 75ml tube fits nicely in my bag and is easy to use on the go, it has a simple flip top opening and easy to squeeze tube.  The cream soaks in nicely and leaves my hand feeling soft for a long time, it has a subtle but nice vanilla scent that smells lovely.

Beauty | Zoella Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance

I've only ever owned one other solid fragrance and loved it a lot so the Zoella Blissful Mistful had a lot to live up to, luckily I loved the product the moment I used it so of course I wanted to do a review for you! The Blissful Mistful may still be available from Superdrug if you can get your hands on one then go for it!

Beauty | Vera Wang Princess

Getting new perfume is always one of my favorite things to do but being gifted a new perfume is even better so I was overjoyed to see a new fragrance I've not tried in the shape of Vera Wang's Princess, this has been out for a while now but a perfume this good never goes out of style!

Beauty | Avon Bubble Bath

It's no secret I love baths and I'm always trying to find new products to use in my baths to make them even more relaxing and fun, so finding some new bubble baths that I like it always a massive bonus. I was placing an Avon order last month and decided to order two new bubble baths to try out and was not let down!

Beauty | Zoella Gingerbread Lip Balm

I'm a massive fan of the Zoella products so of course I have some of the Gingerbread range and wanted to share one of my favorite products which is the lip balm. The Gingerbread range was part of the 2016 Christmas range and may still be available in some Superdrug and Boots stores or online.