Lifestyle | Autumn Must Haves

For me Autumn is the month to relax and get cosy before the busy and jam packed Winter months, it's a time to reflect and really sit back and look back on the year of how much you have achieved and to look forward into the new year. Here are my must haves to make it as laid back and as fun as possible.

Fashion Mickey Mouse Backpack

Whilst I was browsing my local Primark I came across a bag that made me stop and go 'how cute!' for me it was the perfect size and also looks very fashionable as well in my favorite colour black I couldn't go wrong, only drawback is the Mickey Mouse look as it keeps getting comments on how adorable it is but much to everyone's discomfort I have to admit I'm not much of a Disney fan!

Fashion | Burgundy Skirt

When it comes to a mini skirt I'm always first to say no thanks however I have been trying to push myself more and more when it comes to plus size fashion so finding a lovely skirt in Primark for £8 it was a must that I bought it. The really nice cord style of this skirt really drew me in as I remember growing up and loving this effect so it really bought me back to the past and the gorgeous burgundy autumn look was really perfect for this skirt.

Lifestyle | Fangirls VS. Celebs

Nowadays it's always a bit of a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to celebrities, some people enjoy being a silent viewer watching there lives and careers grow from the comfort of there home and other prefer to be a little more vocal and attempt to see there favorite celebrity at all costs. But maybe we should be looking into why it's become so easy to 'stalk' and prey on celebrities and to also look into ways on how would could control how easy it is to do this.

Skincare | Models Own Exfoliating Wipes

I had a complete I didn't even know they made those moment the other day when I came across some Models Own Makeup wipes, I found them in my local TKMaxx for £2 so naturally picked them up to try. I've had a look online and pretty sure they have stopped making these now as I can't seem to find them online, however TKMaxx may have some more in stock.

Beauty | Most Worn Red Lipsticks

A red lip is a statement look and can make any girl go from cute to glam in seconds, I always pull out a red lipstick when I'm feeling low as it always makes my makeup really pop and almost makes me want to go out and show the world how cute my lips look. I have four that are my go to lipsticks each has it own little must have and reason as to why I love it!

Beauty | Natural Collection Bronzing Powder

For some reason I find my bronzers go out of date really quickly, my most recent one lasted 6 months before crumbling to the point it was no good. So I went on the hunt for the perfect bronzing powder that wouldn't break the bank when I need to repurchase in a few months. I went along to Boots and found one of my go to brands Natural Collection do a powder for £1.99 the perfect price to pay for a bronzer.

Beauty | Makeup Revolution Retro Matte Luxe Kit

When it comes to new lip products I'm always one to buy the latest products to test them out, so I was super shocked the see I had missed the release of a new lip kit from one of my favorite brands. I was happy to see my local Superdrug was fully stocked of all shades so I opted for the lovely red toned Regal for £6, the lip kit contains a lipstick and a lip liner as well.

Beauty | Primark Glow Face Mask

I was more then excited to see the new Primark Glow face mask in my local store, after hearing about the mask I thought it's bound to not be available in my local store but a massive shock to me as there is was sitting all pretty on the shelf. Of course I got home and took my make up off to try out the mask straight away, here are my honest opinions and my review!

Lush Halloween Range Goodies!

I'm very late on the bandwagon for the Lush Halloween range, so much so that I only managed to pick up three items one of which I've had before and the other two not in the best condition. However I did pick up a new product and also wanted to share my first impressions with you, so here's what I bought.

Beauty | The Perfect Mani

There is nothing more classic than a manicure, on days when I need get my sh*t together I always reach for my manicure set to get me started. I use some simple and basic tools to help me out and never go to a salon to get them done as it's so easy and simple to do at home.

Lush | Just To Clarify Jelly Face Mask

Lush has some of the best face masks going around, for all types of skin and being cruelty free they cater for everyone. I'm always jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to new releases and was overjoyed to see they have the new Jelly Face Masks in store, I went with the Just To Clarify mask but had three to choose from at just £6.95 I got around 6 uses out of the pot but depending on how much you like to put on your skin you can get more uses.

Lush | Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

After seeing so many reviews online for the Metamorphosis bath bomb I decided to try it for myself and was not let down. It's a fun and quirky bath bomb that is surprising yet a great purchase, with it's unique design it's one that you can't really miss on the shelves and it doesn't let you down for just £4.50 it won't break the bank either.

Beauty | Superdrug Crystal Deodorant Review

Going cruelty free I knew I was going to struggle to find certain products however a deodorant was not one I thought I would struggle with, cue spending around a month to find the right one! Luckily Superdrug came to the rescue with there Crystal Deodorant, this is a very simply deodorant which is just 99p!

Beauty | Zoella Shower Sauce Review

I was super excited to see that Zoe Sugg had released a new beauty range as her last range I loved leaving me intrigued to see what she had in store for this new range, I wasn't disappointed with the Jelly and Gelato range which is seaside themed. I went along and picked up the Shower Sauce product for £5 and couldn't wait to start using it.

Beauty | Botanics Cleansing Face Wipes

I love a good bargain and when Botanics decided to change there packaging on there All Bright range it meant the old products went into the Boots Sale and for just 90p I was able to pick up there cleansing wipes, As I'm a simple girl and don't mind using a wipe I went ahead and picked up the product. This is a great way for anyone to test out a range before making the commitment to spend a lot of money on a product that doesn't work well.

Lush | Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb

It's been a while since I've done a Lush review but the last bath bomb I used was to good to not share it, I picked up Yellow Submarine a while ago it is still available for £3.95 however it may be gone soon as it's been up for a while!

Skincare - Less Is More

Getting the right skincare routine can be very stressful as switching between products can make your skin worse , then there's the cost of trying out all new skin care items so it's always good when you get a bargain and find a new skincare item that works well. I'm the type of girl that needs a quick and easy routine that can be done in a few minutes and be over with rather then someone who will spend half an hour adding cream after cream only to have bad skin.

Lifestyle - Going Cruelty Free

I made the decision this year to go cruelty free with my beauty products as a challenge to myself and also to better the world. I would normally buy products cause they worked well or I liked the scent and I also had a false knowledge that cruelty free brands were to expensive so I wouldn't be able to afford there products. Such as Lush and The Body Shop amazing brands that sell some fantastic products both cruelty free however £5+ for body wash and a shower gel for me is to much and to expensive so I had this false idea in my head I couldn't afford the products.

Blog Help - Gadgets

Following on from my previous posts which went down well I'm going to be going through the Gadgets option on Blogger. This is something I use and many other bloggers who when it comes to adding handy little gadgets to your blog need to use.

Fashion - Brown Flared Capri's

I'm always looking at ways to introduce more fashion into my wardrobe so whilst I was shopping I spotted some lovely trousers that I fell in love with, normally I would keep walking as I never like to buy things that are not in my normal comfort zone however I picked them up with the intention of just trying on.

Lifestyle - Autumn, I've Missed You

Walking to work in the mornings now involves wearing a jumper or a snugly scarf, kicking the leaves as they have fallen from the trees and getting the smell of fresh rain, I've missed being able to throw on a cute jumper and walk down town with a hot chocolate in one hand. Wearing my latest boots in order to break them in and testing out a new berry lip colour even though it's only the first few weeks of September, I've missed this.

Lifestyle | Gym Life

New year new me, we have all been there. I'm sat writing this M&M's in one hand and the thought of going to the gym in my head, it's now the start of winter and I've lost weight but I'm certainly not on track.  This year I did a new thing though one that worried me a lot but was a must, I joined a gym. From the worries and woes in my mind I nervously made my way to the gym with images of toned and flexible gym bunnies playing on my mind, however I made it there and even got through the induction.

Signing the consent forms to join was the easy part, even going to the gym for the first workout was pretty good but sticking to it was the hard part. I wrote in my diary each day attend gym from 10-2 or go after work at 6pm and do an evening workout, not realising that after work the only thing I wanted was a plate of dinner and to watch a boxset. So after the first month of trial and errors and hit and miss workouts I had some sort of plan, one that was realistic and had a good flow.

I made mistakes along the way don't get me wrong! From the time I forgot to reset the weights on one of the toning machines and almost twisting my back, then there was the time I opted to swim lanes instead and got through the first 8 laps before heaving myself out the pool thinking I was going to have a heart attack, and then of course the dreading first run on the running machine who knew I could make the sounds of a deflating balloon!

Then of course the highs of going to the gym, discovering if I go at midday it's rather quiet and I can use all the machines without being eyeballed, hitting my first 10 pound milestone and having a celebratory slice of cake, discovering good gym clothes in my local Primark and actually looking good in them, the highs are what make gym life bearable however it's always good to mix in a low for the sake of being able to laugh about it later in the day!

The important thing to remember about starting a new thing is it may seem daunting and you may have a lot more lows than highs but at least you can say you have tried, losing weight is something to do in the long term there is no quick fix but it does help to not eat M&M's when trying to be creative, oh and there's a lot less gym bunnies at the gym than you would think.

Beauty | Primark Foundation Stick Review

Spending £2 on a Foundation stick means I don't really have high hopes for the product, this means I wasn't to surprise when I didn't fall in love with the Primark Foundation stick. I had to go for Ivory as I couldn't find any Porcelain which was a little let down however I have found the overall effect off the foundation to be lacking any wow factor.

Beauty | Eyebrow Routine

Getting my brows to look good comes naturally to me as I've been dealing with difficult browse since my teens, as my hair was white blonde as a baby and growing up my eyebrows are naturally very light. My hair darken over the years and I thought maybe my brows would follow suit however they stayed the same light looking brows meaning I have to fill them in every day otherwise I look a little silly.

Blog Help | Ways To Promote Your Blog

For today's post I'm going to be doing another helpful post but today I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to promote your blog, it's a great thing to do and one that can really benefit you and your blog. But there is also a right way to go about it so let's get started in how to promote your blog the right way.

Beauty | Collection Naturally Matt Foundation

Collection is a great affordable brand which is available in Superdrug, Boots and Wilkinsons, there a cruelty free brand that focuses on makeup that is wearable at affordable prices. I've been using the products from the brand for 10 years now and haven't looked back, so here is my review off the Naturally Matt foundation in the shade Porcelain.

Fitness | Homemade Healthy Chips

When it comes to dieting with all have that one dish that you just can't give up, for me it's chips. I love eating chips from the Chip Shop or for lunch however they are far to high in calories and trying to eat healthy is a no go zone when ordering chips everyday for lunch. So today I have a healthy and great way to eat chips at just 220 calories and no not a sweet potato in sight!

Blog Help | How To Use Blogspot/ Write Your First Post

Starting a blog can be a daunting experience so I wanted to share with you some tips of writing a first blog post. This will be for people using Blogspot as that is the platform I use to write my posts, however if you are using Wordpress there are a lot of posts out there to help you. So let's get started!

Lifestyle | TV Shows I'm Loving

When it comes to a TV show I have a very different range of shows that I enjoy as I like watching a whole range of things it can get pretty hard finding new ones as I never know what to watch next. I'm forever watching shows at the same time and will be half way through one boxset before deciding I want to watch another one! But here are my favorite TV shows I'm loving right now:

Lifestyle | Brands That Shocked Me For Being NOT Cruelty Free

On Friday I did a post on my favorite brands that are cruelty free which you can view here and today I wanted to write up a similar post on brands that I thought would be cruelty free but there not. It shocked me to see such big and well known brands not being cruelty free and hopefully they will changed and take the plunge to not harm animals.

Lifestyle | Cruelty Free Brands I Use

It's always good to make some right choices in life and I feel one of them is to go cruelty free for makeup and beauty items I use in my everyday life, I wanted to share with you my most used brands and which ones I love to buy from. This list may seem short as I'm only listing the brands I know and love and not all the brands, this is because I don't want to share any information that may not be right.

Fashion | Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

When you think of a crop top you wouldn't normally picture a plus size girl wearing one and you may also give a dirty look to someone wearing one in public, however when I saw one in New Look and it was in the middle of a heatwave I wasn't going to pass at the chance of stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing a crop top.

Lifestyle | Deer Tattoo Meaning

When it comes to tattoo's I only have a handful which are meaningful when the rest are for vanity purposes, one of my most meaningful tattoo's is my latest and most popular my Deer. I wanted a design that was unique and still look pretty so searching online for ideas I came across the perfect design for me.

Fashion | SS17 Sandals

When it comes to Summer I tend to be seen in sandals pretty much 24/7 as I can't stand the heat and will do anything to keep cool so here are my top picks for SS17 sandals!

Accessorize Flip Flops
I was gifted this set of flip flops but must say how much I adore them, the colours and design really make them stand out and there a must for making an outfit stand out and really draw in attention. I have to say in all my years of buying flip flops I have never came across ones as comfy as the ones I buy in Accessorize, they have amazing choices that are all worth the price tag.

Beauty | Primark Setting Spray

Primark beauty has done it again and came out with another product I seem to love, overall with the beauty range at Primark I'm yet to come across a product I don't like which has impressed me a lot as the products are at such affordable prices and look great as well. This time around I picked up the Setting Spray for £2 and have been using it for a good three weeks now so it's defiantly time for a review.

Lifestyle | Elephant Candle

I'm not one to big up or even write a post on a candle however after finding the perfect candle that literally made me go 'how cute!' out loud in the shop I wasn't going to not write up a post!

Beauty | Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint

In a little gold box has to be my new favorite lip paints from the brand Tarte, this duo of minis is my go to summer shades as the formula and the colour is spot on for what a girl needs. I found this product browsing Sephora and decided to opt for the minis has I had never bought from Tarte before but I'm now kicking myself that I never picked up the full sized products, but for just $12 you can't go wrong with these minis.

Beauty | MAC Candid Nectarine Lip Scrubtious

I love a good scrub and for just £12.50 from MAC I think I have found my all time favorite one, this review is for the Candid Nectarine lip Scrub however I would advise you go smell the product as that alone should make you reach for one and buy it!

Beauty | Vaseline Rosy Lips

Whilst I was in LA I came across a Vaseline product I'm yet to see in the UK, I have come across the metal tin rosy lips however never a little mini tub which is super cute but also extremely handy when it comes to travelling, so I picked one up for around $1.50 and have loved using it so far!

Beauty | MAC Testosterone Lipstick

Finding a bargain at MAC is becoming more and more achievable thanks to there Goodbye range, which features products there discontinuing at much more affordable prices such as the new lipstick I picked up in LA for a very nice $10.

Beauty | Pantene Foam Conditioner

Whilst I was browsing my local Superdrug I came across a sample sized product of the Pantene Foam Conditioner, I've head good things from the brand but never tried out there products before so I decided to give it a go and pay just 49p for a can of the new foam conditioner.

Beauty | Garnier Sunkissed Lotion

Finding the right fake tanner can be a very difficult job, as you don't want to make to many mistakes and be known as the girl with the dodgy tan. So I was happy to discover and find a great gradual fake tanner that works well and leaves me with the perfect sunkissed summer look that I desire, I found the Garnier Sunkissed lotion for £2.74 in my local Boots on offer from £5.49.

Beauty | PS Pro Facial Cleansing and Massage Brush

A great little beauty bargain from Primark for you today, in the form of the PS Pro Facial Cleansing Brush that cleanses the face to remove dirt and dead skin to leave it looking fresh and clear. I've been using the brush for a month now and feel it was about time I gave it a fair review.

Beauty | Superdrug Salt Infusion Surf Spray

Getting the perfect salt infused look has been made very easy with Superdrug's Salt Infusion Surf Spray, this spray at just £2.99 it's a great product to go for. From there own range it makes it cruelty free and you know you can trust the product as it's coming directly from the company!

Beauty | Nair Nourish Shower Power Cream

Browsing my local Boots reduced section I came across the Nair hair removal cream that I couldn't resist as just £1.50, this is the Shower Power cream that is infused with argan oil, jojoba oil as well as Cocoa Butter to create the perfect soft and nourishing hair removal cream.

Baking | Chocolate Orange Biscuits

I'm a massive lover of home cooked treats and love to try out new recipes so of course when I read online about chocolate orange biscuits I had to bake some myself so here's the recipe!

Beauty | My Go To Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are all the rave at the moment and it's easy to see why there are well used and loved, they create the perfect look and also look impressive on however can be quite damaging so I've put my top three in a post for you so you don't go for the bad ones!

Venetian - Echo

Venetian is a Alt Dance/Pop Trio founded in January 2016, members Leo, Jim and Rose all collectively have a unique and fresh vocal talent to create a band that stands out and leaves you wanting more. There new song Echo has just been released which you can find here is a beautifully shot song that features vocal from all three band members making it unique and stand out.

Beauty | The Best Highlighters

I have three of my favorite and go to highlighters that keep my make up looking fresh and good throughout the day and today I wanted to do a post and share with you my top three.

Blog Sale

I'm selling items in good condition from a smoke and pet free home, all lip products have been barely used and products like lashes have been unworn for hygiene worries. I will post items 2nd class signed for £3.90 for a small parcel, if you would like an item please leave a comment or email me at, UK only sorry!

Beauty | Primark Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick

So far Primark Beauty has really impressed me and I'm yet to come across a product I don't love from the range, this time I've got a new lipstick to show you from the P.S Pro range and this is one I'm going to be loving over the next few month for summer. The kiss proof liquid matte lipstick is only £3 which is worth paying for such an awesome product.

Fashion | Double Denim

When it comes to fashion I would class myself as not fashionable at all but this year I wanted to branch out and try new things, so I pushed myself to try to dreaded double denim! This trend is very hit and miss, you either get it right and look amazing or get it wrong and look a fool.

Fashion | Tara Slip On Hotter Shoes

When it comes to footwear finding the right pair of shoes can be a struggle, however when you have a local Hotter store it doesn't need to be a worry. I went into my local store on the hunt for some slip on shoes that I could wear throughout Spring/Summer and came away with the perfect pair called Tara.

Beauty | NYX High Voltage Lipstick 07

Browsing my local TKMaxx I came across a lipstick from one of my favorite brands NYX for just 50p! Of course I wasn't going to leave it there and grabbed it before anyone else spotted the bargain, instead of paying £5.50 I was very happy for my 50p purchase.

Beauty | Primark Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray

I'm all for a gimmick product and love testing out ones that are cheap and cheerful so I was super happy to see Primark had a fast dry spray for nail polish at just 90p. Of course I picked up a can and wanted to test it out to see if it really did provide a quick dry time.

Beauty | How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Washing brushes can be a tedious and annoying job but it's one that is a must to keep brushes clean and to prevent breakouts. I do a really simple and quick method that is super quick and super easy to do whilst leaving the brushes looking good and clean.

Health | Ear Infections Remedies For Adults

I've been suffering now with recurring ear infections for 5 months and have a few tips and tricks on how to deal and cope with an ear infection. I have Otitis Media which is a middle ear infections due to water getting in the middle of my ear and not being able to clear the fluid in my Eustachian Tube.

Lush Mothers Day Haul

Of course I picked up some goodies from the new Lush range! I went along into store and bought four of the products that really stood out for me. It's not to late to pop into store and picked some up for Mothering Sunday!

Baa Bar
This rather cute looking odd shaped sheep is rather adorable but a little odd to, at first I wasn't sure what it was suppose to be but the name Baa gave it away. It smells amazing of Lavender and Rose which goes so nicely together that this bubble bar may become my favorite. At just £3.95 it's easy to fall in love with the little Baa Bubble Bar.

Beauty | Eylure Brow Pomade

Eylure have another brilliant brow product that I've been loving and this time it's the Pomade which is a small pot of product that goes onto the brows as a mouse like product. I've been mainly using it when I'm going out or as a special occasion brow product as it works nicely but looks very impressive on.

Fashion | Telephone Hair Ponies

I am a massive lover of products that look really odd but work wonders so I was happy to see Accessorize have come out with there own version of the invisible bobble, this gimmick product came out a while ago now but I've never found one at a good price so I was happy to see a 6 pack for just £2.50.

Beauty | Fleur De Force Fleur And Fabulous Lashes

I'm not one to normally wear lashes due to the fact I have to wear glasses and people don't see my eye makeup so I've never really seen the point, however I picked up a pack of the Fleur De Force lashes from the Eyelure range and love how they look so I wanted to do a review for them.

The lashes are easy to remove from the packaging which is cute and girly with a purple and grey theme, once I had measured them and cut a small amount off to not have a overhang they were really easy to glue as the small applicator went onto the lash line of the lashes easy and then the glue went tacky enough to place on my lashes nicely without any dramas.

I wore them for a whole day doing my make up around 9am and taking them off at around 7pm and didn't need to re glue or reapply throughout the day which impressed me a lot. They stayed on and look really full even in windy weather which really impressed me, I found even after accidentally rubbing my eye it was still stuck nicely.

I was worried about the removal of the lashes as I didn't want them to stick and pulled out my own lashes however I didn't need to be worried at all as the lashes with a small amount of cleanser came off nicely and cleaned up nicely as well. They were easy to re store and I've even worn them a further three times and there still in great condition.

I love using the Fleur De Force lashes and have been really impressed by them, what's your go to lash set?

Beauty | Primark Pro Blend Makeup Brushes

Primark for me has some of the best and most affordable make up essentials that I will always repurchase and go back to, from brushes to sponges and wipes all at affordable prices, you can't go wrong. So when a new hype started about a new set of brushes that work amazingly and are in one of my favorite stores I jumped at the chance of trying them out.

Beauty | My Favorite Nudes

When it comes to finding the perfect everyday nude beauty product it can get very stressful as there seems to be loads out there and they all claim to be the perfect one. Here's a list of my favorite beauty nude items:

For lipstick is has to be my Soap and Glory Super Nude which is a matte toned basic beige lipstick that looks impressive on the lips to give it a natural and bold lip colour. I find it goes on nicely and doesn't bleed out but lasts most of the day on the lips, it doesn't cake or dry out the lips which is a massive bonus for a matte lipstick.

Beauty | Oily Skin S.O.S

I've suffered with oily skin for most of my adult life now and have all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to coping and dealing with oil on the skin. I'm going to be going through my top products with you and also giving a few tips, enjoy!

My first tip is to not layer your face with make up as this will cause the skin to produce more oil and make your face have that cakey appearance which is not a good luck. By letting the skin breath and feel free from make up it will just produce the right amount of oil and not to much. This will also help with any spots you get.

Beauty | Eylure Brow Magician

My eyebrows have always stressed me out and I'm always on the look out for a new product, as much as I would love to go natural and not use products in my brows it's just not an option as my brows are very light and my hair is dark they just look silly. So I opted to try out the Eylure Brow Magician and was not let down!