Book Review | Girl Online Going Solo

Another brilliant book from the Author Zoe Sugg or as the internet knows her Zoella, this is the third installment from the Girl Online series which has been a brilliant capturing series to go for. The series of books follows the life of a young adult through her ups and her downs, from panic attacks to bullying and love it's a great book for all ages.

Going Solo focusing on life after a breakup and doing whats right, it goes through struggles you may be facing if your parents are breaking up and also helps you to make the right choice when dealing with a friend who may not be a true friend. It goes through all the motions of life while throwing in a twist that shakes up the whole series.

I found I couldn't put the book down and was truly shocked at some of the things found in this book, some I could relate to but mostly just shocked I could see the characters as real people which is difficult to do when writing a book. It's a great series to go for and of course I would recommend it to a friend.

What's your go to book this month?

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