Beauty | Superberry Mud Mask

I'm not going to say no to picking up a new face mask for 26p am I, course not so I was over the moon to see Superdrug have some of my favorites in the clearance section of course this means I can no longer buy them so I naturally bought all 4!

The mud mask texture is gritty as you would expect an exfoliating mask to be but it's really hard to not really scrub it into the pores and you would want to with a scrub, I found after some light scrubbing it felt good to leave it to sit on the skin and work it's magic.

With China Clay to absorb and excess oil and the raspberry seeds to gently exfoliate this mask leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth while having a youthful glow. It makes the skin feel like you have a facial and I love how it makes me look younger.

The scent is very heavenly with berries as the main focus it's an uplifting and mood boosting one to go for, it stays smelling fresh throughout the whole 10 - 15 minutes and almost like you could eat it!

I love this mask and would use it daily if my skin would allow me, what's your go to face mask at the moment?

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