Beauty | Sukin Anti-Pollution Facial Masque

With no added oils, parabens, fragrances or colours this vegan friendly masque works wonders for the skin and feels amazing on. For just £8 from Boots it's worth the price tag , it's a clay based masque so has a nice fresh earthy scent to it but also with added willowherb and rooibos tea it's got a lovely subtle flower scent which makes it a really lovely masque.

The masque goes on smoothly and applying a thin layer is enough to let it work it's magic, after 15 minutes on the skin it soaks in and goes hard making it difficult to move the face. You start to feel it working it's magic almost straight away with it going deep into the pores to draw out any nasty polluting chemicals and really protect the skin.

Once washed off my skin felt softer and look more youthful while my pores where left feeling smaller and the oil on my skin less visible. I've used the masque over the last week and can see a massive difference in my skin and how it looks which has impressed me a lot.

I love using the masque and love the affects it has on my skin, what's your go to face mask?

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