Beauty | Ole Henrikson Brightening Cleansing Cloths

Spending £12 on a pack of face cloths may seem a little bit to much however the Ole Henrikson cloths have changed my mind on using wipes ever again. The difference with a cloth is it's much stronger and holds more product to use on the face whilst a face wipes is thinner and you will need to use a few to remove a full days worth or dirt and grime.

The packaging is bright and really draws the eye in making you want to pick the product up, I love how it all seems to be Vitamin C related with bright oranges which makes me love the product. You get 30 cloths in total which is a months worth of cloths so it does make the packet large but it's still small enough to fit into my handbag when I'm out and about.

The scent is really lovely and makes you want to use the cloth over and over, it's a really sweet citrus tone and lasts on the skin for ages making it really nice to use. It also makes the cloth look a little orange tone to suit the packaging, this lets you know it actually has product on letting you know it's going to be doing some good to the skin.

So does the product work? Yes, yes it does! I love these cloths and how they leave my skin feeling and looking. My skin appears brighter and more youthful but after using them for 30 days and having to ship a new pack to the UK I can't go back. There super easy to use and make the skin look amazing while being handy and purse friendly!

What is your go to face cloth?

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