Nails Inc Tate Polish

As I buy Glamour magazine each month I always get surprised and happy to see it featuring a gift, they do several issues a year which contains top end beauty gifts such as the Nails Inc Tate Polish. For only £2 you are also coming away with a £14 nail polish which is a pretty good offer that no one can say no to!

Tate is a lovely vibrant and playful red tone which looks lovely on the nails to matter the season your in, it's a really great summer tone but also a very festive red tone which I love about a nail polish. With one coat its a great light playful red and then two coats gives a very deep and vibrant red which also is a great bonus.

I wore the nail polish for around 5 days when it started to chip which is great as I work in retail and deal with chipped nails on a weekly basic. I found I got a lot of compliments wearing the nail polish and a lot of nods of approval. It's a great all round classic looking nail polish which works well with most outfits and looks.

Glamour is still available so be quick to snap up a copy with a free Nails Inc polish!

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