My Skincare Routine

I struggle a lot with my skin and I'm always trying new products and new tips/tricks on how to deal with my skin, luckily I've managed to get my skin care routine perfect for me and wanted to share what products I use and also what works best for me. I have combination skin going from oily to dry and sometimes both, I also suffer with bad breakouts and spot scarring.

First up my moisturiser which is the Nivea Oil Free Day cream which I use every morning and then the sensitive night cream which I use each evening. These are no scented creams that come in small handy 50ml bottle that are perfect to travel with and also fit nicely into my case. They go nicely onto the skin and take a while to sink in but once there on the skin and sunk in it leaves my skin feeling fresh and nourished.

If I placing my make up on or having a really bad day I use my MAC oil control lotion after my moisturiser. This sits nicely onto off my moisturiser and really helps at keeping the oil at bay, it has a slight scent to it put nothing to heavy and also comes in a small 30ml bottle.

To cleanse my face and remove my make up I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which removes my make up nicely and also leaves my skin looking really healthy. It has no scent and cuts through the make up with ease, it's a great product to own and comes in a handy 125ml bottle.

For eye make up I use the Garnier Express 2in1 Eye Make Up Remover which looks pretty awesome and works great as well. It again has no scent and removes the make up really well while not hurting the eyes at all. It comes in a handy 125ml bottle and fits nicely into my travel bag.

Once a week I like to use a face mask I use the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal mask which looks pretty funny on but works wonders for the skin. It gets deep into the skin to really clear out any dirt and grime but also purifies it with a great detox, I really enjoy using this mask.

Lastly in the shower I use my Body Shop Tea Tree face wash which freshens up my face whilst leaving it feeling refreshed and cleansed. It is very strong scented but works great at clearing the skin of any blemishes. I love using the product and it's one I always re purchase.

So that is my skincare routine, let me know what your favorite products to use are?

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