How To Deal With A Fringe/Bangs

I've had a fringe for around a month now and love it but I've found some struggles with it and wanted to do a post today to let you know some helpful tips on how to deal with a fringe or bangs!

Blow dry them as soon as you can as when you get out the shower and leave your fringe to dry it will dry in the shape it's in, if you don't blow dry your hair then I would suggest brushing your fringe the moment you're out the shower and try to keep it in the same style whilst it naturally dries. When blow drying use a small round barrel brush to curl it into a natural shape by placing it under the fringe and blow drying down onto the fringe brushing the brush through the fringe.

If you can try to not use to much product in your fringe as this will make it look greasy and weigh in down, I normally spritz mine with a brush out hairspray which keeps in neat and tame all day while I still have the option to brush it out if it gets to thick and heavy.

Always have a handy size dry shampoo on you as you never know when your fringe will get a little greasy, I sometimes spray mine it right before I add my hairspray as it's not to thick and of course doesn't make them look greasy.

Invest in a decent pair of trimming scissors as it can be costly as well as a struggle to get to the hairdressers, mine offer to cut my fringe once after a hair cut and then got a little funny when I went back so I went out and bought myself a pair of scissors to neaten up my fringe at home. Start by wetting the hair and always go a a little lower as when you dry your hair it will bounce up and look shorter, also try to leave it a little lower at the sides to shape the face.

Lastly if you can avoid putting a thick oil like moisturizer on the face as this will cause the fringe to get sticky and look greasy, I apply moisturize on the rest of my face and just avoid my forehead. I also use powder to keep it oil free re applying throughout the day to keep it looking good.

So those are my handy tips, have you got any to add?

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