Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Mask

I'm always one to try out new mask and I've had one sat waiting to be used for quite a while now, it's the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb which is a great brand to go for if you want affordable skin care that actually works.

This mask is a tissue mask which are quite easy to use, there perfect for anyone who is on the go or wants to apply a mask with minimum mess. It comes in a large but slim packaging so it's easy to store and also really easy to travel with.

I found it to have quite a lot of liquid so when I took it out of the packaging it did go quite messy but not to much to bother me. I found it easy to unwrap and place on my face and it also felt great on the skin, I left it on 15 minutes as the package suggested and saw a great improvement right away.

It boosts in being 1 weeks worth of hydrating serum which I did see an improvement however not that much of one, I found this mask to be fun and it left my skin feeling plumper and more hydrating which is always great for a mask.

Have you tried any of the range out from the moisture bomb collection yet?

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