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Rimmel 610 High Flyer Matte Lipstick
This lipstick hasn't left my bag for a while as I've been wearing it none stop, for only £6.99 it's a great affordable high street lipstick. It looks amazing on the lips as a dark rose shade that looks great in photos but also looks amazing as a dress up or dress down lipstick. It's a Matte shade but doesn't dry the lips out which is a massive plus for me!

Lush Candy Cane Roulade 
Finding a new product in Lush is not to hard but finding one that I love is always tricky, I'm very much a stick to what I love type of girl so using a new shower Roulade and loving it is great. For just £5.95 you get a creamy sweet scented block of shower Roulade which you can either massage over the body or break a small chunk off and lather up, it works well and smells incredible. I've been using it over the last two weeks and love the product!

Tangle Teezer 
With the winter weather forcing me to wear hats and thick scarfs my hair is looking pretty tangled and messy, which is a great deal of trouble when it comes to brushing it. I'm glad to own a Tangle Teezer and have used it none stop over the last few weeks, it's pretty design and easy to hold design makes it hard to not love it and the fact it works is a massive plus to!

Nails Inc Tate Varnish 
When you get a magazine freebie you don't really expect it to be brilliant but I've been blown away with the Nails Inc varnish I got in the recent issue of Glamour magazine and have been wearing it most weeks. It's a brilliant red that looks amazing on the nails but also has a great long lasting effect, after around 5-7 days I will notice it's chipped but up until then I can really show them off with the lovely red tone it comes out on the nails!

Elizabeth Arden Untold Perfume
A rediscovery when it comes to this perfume as I've had it for around two years now but only use it as a going out perfume, but recently I've been wearing it as a daily one and have been loving it. It has such a pretty girly scent that its hard to not love it, with fresh tones and a strong scent this is a perfume to get you noticed and I love it!

That has been my favorites now tell me yours in the comments.

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