Oh So Good Chocolate

Being on a diet means you have to cut out most fatty foods which includes chocolate, I don't have a massive sweet tooth but every now and then I do enjoy a small amount of chocolate. I went looking for some and came across the brand Oh So Good Chocolate, I had never seen the brand before and was excited to see it was low in calories and quite affordable at just £2.99 on offer in Boots.

My favorite is the Orange Belgian Bars which are only 72 calories per bar, they are pretty small but it's the perfect amount to give you that kick of chocolate you need. With live cultures this bar of chocolate delivers 3x more live bacteria to the body than most dairy products which is great for anyone trying to stay healthy but like to eat chocolate.

The range has some great bars to pick from including Raspberry, Lemon and of course classic, each pack contains 7 bars so it's a great way to have just one a day meaning it will last you a whole week. You can also buy a goody bar which is a pack of 14 so it's a bit more pricey at £5.99 but it means you get two weeks worth of bars!

What's your go to Chocolate bar when on a diet?

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