Music Review - J Gatsby

A bit of a different post for you today, I've been wanting to do another music review for a while now but I was waiting for the right artist to come along then of course I found J Gatsby! I first discovered him in the popular vlog channel Dudesons Vlog , his fun and kind personality makes it hard to not like him but his quick wit and on the spot rapping makes it hard to not love him!

He mostly raps and comes up with some amazing rhymes that make you smile, the beat is very catching and his soulful voice makes it very easy to listen to his music. His current project titled 'Character' was released in September and I've listened to it most days, it can be found on Bandcamp here!

My favorite track is 'Waste Time With You' which is very catchy and has some great lyrics as well as 'Connect The Dots' which is also one I love. There is something for everyone on this album and its hard to dislike it. He also has several other projects to check out over on his Bandcamp, let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

J Gatsby Twitter - here
J Gatsby Bandcamp - here

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