Fudge Urban Hair Art Review

My days of dying my hair is over as my hair is in such a great condition that I don't want to ruin it, that doesn't mean I don't want to not try out new amazing colours though. So I was very happy to see a spray in hair chalk that is super easy to use and had some amazing colours to pick from.

I naturally picked up a bright pink and a coral crush shade as I wanted an ombre hair effect rather then a full all over dyed effect. Using the product was very easy simply place a towel over your arms and spray into the hair, brush out and then you're done. This was probably they easiest way I've ever changed my hair colour and I thought it was pretty great.

However there was some massive cons to the product! As it states it's a wash in and wash out colour which meant as I was walking and getting a bit hot the colour ran, it went all over my shoulders and stained the back of my neck. This being said if you spray it in and then place the hair up you don't get this problem at all.

Another problem was how much it damaged my hair, it was a lot more damage then I would of got with a normal bottle of dye. My hair went stiff and dry almost like it was going to crack and break off, I had to use an oil based treatment over two days to get it back to it's normal self.

I will not be purchasing from this brand again as the product doesn't work that great for me, however for a fun afternoon with kids this would be a good idea or someone who doesn't mind being covered in dye and having damaged hair.

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  1. I bought this too from Superdrug but in a blue colour, I really didn't like it. Left my hair feeling very crunchy and stained my neck and face, not good!
    Zoe x