Avon Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner

I don't tend to wear much eyeliner as I never seem to get it right or it always smudges leaving me looking odd, however I wanted to try out the Avon liquid eyeliner as I had heard some great things about it.

It comes in a pen like form and is very easy to hold and apply to the eye, I found it went on well and dried really quickly as well so I didn't have to worry about to much smudging. The pen like design means its easy to use and also easy to place in your handbag to reapply if needed, this is a great bonus to anyone on the go.

I found it's great to apply a thin line to create a nice basic look but also great at applying thick and dramatic looks as well, this is a great way to create a smoky eye effect with just one eye product. It also comes off the eyes really easily with a simple eye make up remover, it doesn't stain or leave you with to much of a panda eye.

I'm loving this product so far, what is your go to eye liner?

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