Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray

I have to admit to never trying any of the Urban Decay products, it's not that I dislike the brand it's just I like to stick to brands that I know and love. However I was browsing the stand and came across a setting spray which I was on the look out for and decided to purchase the one from Urban Decay to test out the brand, for only £10 it's a little on the pricey side but 100% worth it!

The 30ml bottle is slim in design and is the perfect size for putting in my make up case, travelling and also on the go. I really like the design off the bottle with a grey and light pink tone and then a nice shocking green, it stands out while still looking on trend.

The pump is small and nicely sprays the face with a small amount of spray, this is great for not wasting the product but also great as when I'm out and about and need to refresh my face I can do so without spraying everyone around me and wasting the product.

I found it went on nicely and doesn't affect my sensitive skin whilst still allowing me to easily place my moisturiser and my make up on top. I have found it does help my face to apply foundation better and also helps to keep my make up in place for the whole day which is always a bonus.

Have you tried the Urban Decay setting spray yet, how did you find it?

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