Paperchase Blogger's Journal

Browsing my local Paperchase I came across a Blogger's Journal this is the first blogger's journal I have found and I'm yet to see any others in stores and was happy to see my favorite store for all things journal related stocking a journal especially for blogger's!

The design is fresh and funky with a brown textured cover with bright green leaves, the theme continues through the book with the leaves going through the book and same green patterned. It's a handy size so fits nicely into a handbag as well as being nice and slim which is perfect for travelling.

It has some very handy pages and some amazing guides to keep you going when you need to be organised, I love the new post ideas as well as the blog missions and goals as these are great for keeping on track with my blog.

Have you seen any journals in other stores?


  1. Once you have used it for a while I'd love to read a post about how well it has worked for you.


  2. ooooh what a great idea -it's about time more shops sold blogger journals!