Lush Modfather Bubble Bar

This limited edition fathers day bubble bar was one of my favorites that I've used and I really wish I had picked up a few more and not just one. Fathers day was a while ago now but this Mod inspired bubble bar was the perfect gift for any father, it's bright colours and strong scent were perfect.

The scent of this bar was orange citrus and it certainly packs a punch the scent is very strong and lasts all day on the skin which I really loved. It had a great moisturising effect on the skin for a bubble bar which really impressed me as I wasn't excepting it.

It is a very small bubble bar which meant I could only get one bath out of it, however it does give out a lot of bubbles as well as making the water a very vivid bright blue. The bar however was very hard and stubborn to crumble and almost hurt, I had to run it under the tap for quite a while before I was able to use the bubble bar.

This bar was a great one and hopefully it comes back next year! Did you manage to purchase one?

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