Tea Tree and Witch Hazel With Active Charcoal

It's no secret I have teenage skin and suffer badly with spots so I'm always looking out for new products to help clear my skin but also fun ones as well. I was browsing for a new face mask and came across the trusted Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range, I spotted the Charcoal mask £3.59 straight away and couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

The product comes out quite thick and can take a little rubbing to get into the skin so I would advise warming it a bit before applying to the face, I apply a thin layer which takes around the 15 minutes to fully dry so I tend to keep the mask on for around 20-25 minutes instead of the 15 to really get it working.

The smell of all three main ingredients can get a little over powerful so I normally apply to the skin in a room with the window open or a nice smelling candle to distract myself. It has Witch Hazel in which has anti-inflammatory properties, Tea Tree which works great at drying out spots and blemishes, Lastly it has Charcoal which draws out toxins and tightens everything up.

I've been using the product for around 2 months now twice a week and have loved how it clears my skin and also how it feels on my skin as well. If I have had a hard day I love to have a mini pamper and love how I wake up to bright fresh skin after using this great face mask.

Have you tried out the Charcoal range yet, what did you think of the products?

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