Moo Business Cards

I've been writing my blog now for nearly three years and have never got around to printing and owning my own business cards. So after booking tickets to a blog event in August I thought it was only right to get my hands on some cards. I have heard loads about Moo and how they are a great company to go for so I opted to go with them based on there good reputation.

I went for 50 cards which cost me £14 which is a great price to pay, I got to pick my own words and I picked a design for the 100's that were available. I was really happy to find a polka dot design as my blog has a polka dot background which fitted in nicely with the design.

The quality of card is nice and the finish is great, I was really pleased with how to cards came out and how good they were. They also came in a very handy box which holds them well and looks very trendy with a simple Moo logo and easy to open lid.

I can't recommend this company enough when it comes to affordable and great quality business cards, when do you think it's the right time to print cards for your blog?

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