Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

Contouring is pretty much a must when it comes to me doing special make up or if I'm going out so getting it right is an important task, I'm always browsing new products and love finding new ones so when I spotted one from Maybelline I had to pick one up.

The chubby stick design is great for contouring the face and makes it easy to get the product onto the skin without to much mess or not getting it in the right spot like most powders. It's a duo design so has a creamy highlighter side and then a dark brown contouring side, this can get messy and the two shades may blend over to the other side however it doesn't effect the performance of the product.

I found the product very easy to blend as is very creamy and looks nice on the skin, not cakey or not to thick. It stood out nicely without looking to dark and also lasted the whole day without needing to be topped up, which suited me well as I tend to put my make up on and then forget to bring any out with me!

I have a pale skin toned and was worried when I accidentally picked up 02 medium, however it didn't come out to dark at all so I'm still able to wear it which I really like. I can't seem to fault the product yet as it works really well for an everyday contouring stick.

Have you tried it out yet? How did you like it?

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