MakeUp Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray

In the summer I tend to go make up free or attempt to keep my makeup on with Primers and Fixing Sprays, this year I've picked up a new one from Makeup Revolution which is the oil control fixing spray. At £5 it's a great affordable spray to go, available from Superdrug.

The spray comes in a handy handbag friendly 100ml with simple white bottle design and eye catching rose gold it's a product that stands out from the others. It has a very simple and handy to use spray nozzle which evenly sprays across the face to create the perfect look. It doesn't have a scent making it nice for sensitive skin and also doesn't irate at all.

I found it goes on best with three sprays across the face holding it around 8 inches away from the face, once shaken and sprayed across the face it takes around 30 seconds to dry and start to take effect. It is an oil control spray so adds a really nice matte effect to the face making the makeup look really professional, it has helped a lot with my make up and keeping it in place and also keeps the shine away when I'm to busy tore apply make up.

Overall I've been loving this spray and have noticed a massive difference in how my make up looks and how shiny my skin has been. It keeps the makeup in place all day and also makes the face look great. What's your go to fixing spray?

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