Do Sock Donuts Work

I've always been one to try out new things for my hair so when I went to use my trusted hair donut and it didn't do the job I looked to the internet and came across sock donuts, which are pretty much the same as a shop brought one but a lot easier to use!

I created mine by getting an old but clean sock and cutting the toe area off before rolling into a donut shape, it was very easy to do and didn't take to long. It's best to pick a sock that matches your hair type if you can as it may been seen through the hair, I didn't think about this when creating mine and used a black sock!

I then tried out a load of different ways to use the bun but opted for a simple method, I place my donut through a ponytail and then split the hair into twp before wrapping in and around the donut, a very simple and easy method to create a simple hair bun.

With a spritz of hair spray my hair is complete! I can get away with pinning it and wearing it all day with added hair accessories such as flowers or a bow, also making a messy hair bun which works really well as I can pin it all into place, but my favorite thing is to wear it at night and then in the morning remove it carefully and voila perfect curls!

So yes sock donuts do work and pretty well as well, have you given them a go yet?

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