Kiko Milano Skin Evolution Foundation Review

I'm always on the hunt for a new foundation and couldn't pass on the offer of a Kiko Milano foundation for £6.60 reduced from £12. The make up in Kiko Milano is amazing and the products never fail to amaze me, it's great quality and affordable whilst still being on trend.

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel With Active Charcoal

It's no secret I have teenage skin and suffer badly with spots so I'm always looking out for new products to help clear my skin but also fun ones as well. I was browsing for a new face mask and came across the trusted Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel range, I spotted the Charcoal mask £3.59 straight away and couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

The Luxe Life by Fleur De Force

It's every girls dream to live a luxurious life and with the help from Fleur De Force you can attempt the lead that life with the help of her new book The Luxe Life. Available from most good book stores for £18.99.

Do Sock Donuts Work

I've always been one to try out new things for my hair so when I went to use my trusted hair donut and it didn't do the job I looked to the internet and came across sock donuts, which are pretty much the same as a shop brought one but a lot easier to use!

MakeUp Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray

In the summer I tend to go make up free or attempt to keep my makeup on with Primers and Fixing Sprays, this year I've picked up a new one from Makeup Revolution which is the oil control fixing spray. At £5 it's a great affordable spray to go, available from Superdrug.

Going From Full Time To Part Time

Finding a full time job has got to be one of the hardest things I had to do in my retail career, so when I put my notice in at work I was questioned by everyone who knows me as to why I had given up a 40 hour job to go for a 14 hour job. Today I wanted to do a blog post on my reasons why and also explain my plans for the future.

The location of the full time job is 2 miles from my house and all local buses have decided to stop running as of a few days ago meaning I have to now walk 4 miles each day just to work. I had already tried learning to drive and don't enjoy bike riding so my only option is to walk which I really don't enjoy especially leaving at 7.30am and then getting home at 9.30pm. I shall now be working in town which is a 20 minute walk from my house.

Another reason is feeling tired all the time, with work making me do 9-6 one day and then 11-8 then next my body clock is all over the place and makes me feel very groggy all the time. I shall now be working between the hours of 9-6 which suits me and my grogginess well.

I never had time to do anything and live my life which was making me feel low and causing me emotional distress. I like to keep very busy so now my average hours with overtime is 20 I shall be able to do more things and focus so more on my vlog and also my blog.

So that is pretty much the low down of why I have gone from full time to part time, this mean I shall be blogging more and going to more events as well as being able to work alongside more PR's which I'm looking forward to. I have lots planned with my blog which can now fall into place and happen.

Have any of you gone from full time to part time, how did you cope?

Moo Business Cards

I've been writing my blog now for nearly three years and have never got around to printing and owning my own business cards. So after booking tickets to a blog event in August I thought it was only right to get my hands on some cards. I have heard loads about Moo and how they are a great company to go for so I opted to go with them based on there good reputation.

Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

Contouring is pretty much a must when it comes to me doing special make up or if I'm going out so getting it right is an important task, I'm always browsing new products and love finding new ones so when I spotted one from Maybelline I had to pick one up.

Blogosphere Summer Party

It's been a while since I have attended a bloggers event so I was a little nervous when approaching the Blogosphere Summer Party but was put at ease straight away with a warm welcome from Alice and Albertine. The event had some lovely sponsors London Tea and JewlleryBox who had some lovely stands with lots of goodies to look at and purchase.