SS16 Nails - Most Worn

This Summer I've been loving light pastel shades on my nails and have decided to share what I've been wearing just like my last post on my lips. So here are my four most worn nail polishes of Spring and Summer 2016!

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nails
My most worn has been the Barry M speedy range which has some amazing light summer shades all of which are quick drying. I was very surprised when trying the range as I didn't think they would actually dry quickly but they do! There also very affordable which is great and they always on offer which is even better.

NailsInc Optic Glow
This perfect summery pink shade looks great on the nails when I need a little hint of colour to perk up a dull outfit or summers day. It lasts for ages and doesn't chip easily while going on nicely with just two coats, I can sometimes get away with one coat if I just want a little bit of colour on my nails. It is a little bit expensive to own but it is worth the price tag.

Kiko Milano French Manicure
In the summer months I tend to wear quite bright outfits so I sometimes need to tone down my nails so I've opted for a french manicure most days. I prefer doing my own nails and have found the best at home manicure set is one from the affordable brand Kiko Milano which does amazing make up items. The manicure lasts for around 5 days which is great and goes on quite easy, the shade I got in 207 which is the perfect nail shade.

So those are my most worn nail polishes but what are yours?

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